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Security X Ray Machine

X-Ray Scanner for Baggage, Luggage and Cargo Inspection is the main produce line of our company with great advantages. Production capacity is 30 000 units annually. Quantity shipped in 2016 is 10 000 units
From sizes, it can be divided into three categories:

  • X-Ray baggage scanner for small and medium hand bags, suitcase etc., like models EG-AT4233A, EG-AT5030A, EG-AT5030B, EG-AT5030C, EG-AT6040, EG-AT6040B, EG-TH6550(A), EG-AT6550, EG-AT6550B ;
  • X-Ray luggage scanner for bigger baggage and luggage, like models EG-TH8065(A), EG-AT8065, EG-AT8065B, EG-TH10080(A), EG-AT10080, EG-AT10080B, EG-TH100100(A), EG-AT100100, EG-AT100100B.
  • X-Ray scanners for pallet cargo in the airport and warehouse like mode EG-AT140100, EG-AT120100, EG-AT150180.
    From operating system, it includes the Linux system and widows system.
  • Linux system models like EG-AT4233A, EG-AT5030A, EG-TH6550(A), EG-TH8065(A), EG-TH10080(A), EG-TH100100(A)
  • Windows system models like EG-AT5030B, EG-AT5030C and others begin with “AT”
    From functions, we have more advanced than normal ones :
  • Two perspectives and three perspectives security x-ray machine, like models EG-AT6550D, EG-AT8065D, EG-AT10080D, EG-AT100100D, EG-AT150180D and EG-AT10080T.
  • Portable and mobile x-ray scanner like model AT2300.
    Here below you can find all the products with details individually :