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Product Description

NO ModelScanning TargetScanning modeX-Ray VoltagePenerationLeadtime
1 AT2600Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passengerDrive-through160-200kv42-48 mm steel1-2 month
2 AT2800Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passengerconveyor moving300kv65-75 mm steel3-4 months
3 AT2900Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passengerDrive-through200kv42-48 mm steel2-3 month
4 EG-AT2910Small & Mediun Vehicls, cargo or passengerconveyor moving300kv65-75 mm steel3-4 months
5 AT8100Big ContainerTrucks or Vehicls, cargoconveyor moving6 Mev300-350 mm steel6 months above


The X-ray vehicle security inspection system is a x-ray based scanner to penetrate various cars and vehicles and find the dangerous goods and contrabands like guns, weapons, explosives and so on. It is mounted on a fixed conveyor rail of the floor, which can move the scanner automatically, the inspected vehicles can stay still and waiting for the scanning, without drivers or passengers inside. It is applicable to the security inspection of small passenger-laden vehicles (including small-sized buses) in border inspections, government agencies, courts, procuratorates, prisons, embassies, exhibition halls, etc.

Product highlights
Scanned Images
Product Data
Tunnel size 3(L) * 3(H)m (customized)
Scanning Speed(km/h) 5-10
Typical throughput 150 vehicles / hour
Equipment size 4.8(L) * 4.9(W) * 3.75(H) M
Penetration Typical 65mm steel, application 48mm steel
Wire Resolution Dia 1.2mm copper wire
X-Ray generator 300KV, oil cooling, from side
Image Enhancement Color/BW, negative,high/lowpenetration, organic /inorganic , Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color,etc.