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Product Description

EG-HT5030A , with different design from AT5030, although they are the same baggage scanner inside. The new outlook is initially designed for a domestic big customer, now available for exportation.

It is the smallest model of all X-Ray baggage scanners. It belongs to the Linux family and loved by many customers who enjoy its cute design

Product highlights

✱ With Linux operation system
✱ Built-in ARM CPU
✱ With Digital signal and processor
✱ Continuous hard work for 10000 hours
✱ Energy saving design
✱ Single energy or dual energy
✱ Good quality images

Scanned Images
scan scan2
Product Data
Dimensions 217.8 x 74.6 x 116 cm
Tunnel size


Unit weight


Unit size

2178(L)*746(W)*1160(H) mm


Typical 32mm steel

Wire Resolution

Typical AWG40

X-Ray generator

140KV, oil cooling, from bottom to top

Conveyor Speed(m/s)


Conveyor Max Load(kgs)


Conveyor height(mm)


Other Functions

Fault diagnosis, system time setting, detection blind dots delete, x-ray source setting(analoge or
digital), alarm setting, images setting, software register, user management, TIP report, data
setting(machine working time, x-ray source working time, baggage counter, etc.)

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