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Product Description

Accelerated X ray container/vehicle inspection systems are non-intrusive scanning equipment for conventional cargo and container trucks. Through fast scanned images, we can define whether there’re illegal contraband or smuggled goods which don’t conform to the customs’ declaration. Accelerated X ray container/vehicle inspection systems are applicable for ports and borders, airports, military and government, freight forwarding, high profile location, overall transportation, and travel industry etc.
Safeway® EG-TH1000 container/vehicle inspection systems are designed and manufactured for fast scanning and out-of-box inspection of small and big vehicles including container trucks. Safeway® EG-TH1000 container/vehicle inspection systems are widely applicable in ports, transportation, road gates, and bonded area, helping the local customs and police fast scan and 100% inspect the cargo and containers, trucks.


High scanning speed

No dead angle, vehicle inspection of all the perspectives.

Superior penetration and high quality images

Due to our newly developed accelerator and detector, the inspection system can produce high quality scanned images, far more outstanding compared with other systems’ performance. The max. Penetration is 300 steel.

Make sure no image distortion

The inspection system will change the scanning speed automatically, to match the speed of the inspected vehicles, ensuring no distortion of the scanned images.

The big tunnel size suitable for various container vehicles.

The tunnel size for scanning is 2.6mW*4.6mH, enough for various kinds of container trucks. For extremely long vehicles, the inspection can be completed by different times and the scanned images received from each time can be put together for a complete image.

Reliable anti-radiation safety Measures

To reduce the radiation for the environment and operator, Safeway® EG-TH1000 container/vehicle inspection systems adopt effective anti-radiation measures, all the radiation data reach the minimum level of international standards and fulfill the anti-radiation requirements of WHO and IAEA, without radioactive remains.

Design for compact module, with small space occupied

The whole system with compact module design, and small space occupied, the maxi. Width is 6m. The compact module design makes it convenient for the whole system to relocate. Meanwhile, after the relocating, it’s easy to assemble, debug and install according to the existing surroundings.

Powerful Image Processing

Image check station have powerful image processing tools, including zoom in, zoom out, edge enhancement, pseudo color transformation, contrast control, multi-image comparison, image format changing, image mosaicking and so on, which make it convenient for the operator to identify all illegal contrabands and mark the suspicious

Friendly operate system

Support Multi-touch, help the operator to identify the images quickly . Superior capability both for the technology integration and procedure customization Safeway System, with its own intellectual properties, integrate the critical technology like vehicle ID identification, container ID identification, under vehicle and vehicle roof surveillance, radiation monitor, driver physical scan, driver’s ID identification and CCTV etc., to offer a one stop solution for clients. Furthermore, we can customize the whole solution according to the customers’ needs.

Scanned Images
Product Data
Tunnel size 3(L) * 4.8(H)m (customized)
Typical throughput 150 vehicles / hour
Penetration 100mm steel
Wire Resolution Dia 1.2mm copper wire
X-Ray generator 1 Mev accelerator
Image Enhancement Color/BW, negative,high/lowpenetration, organic /inorganic , Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color,etc.